Peacock Alley was established 21 years ago in Baggott Street, Dublin, Ireland by Michelin star chef Conrad Gallagher. It is making its come back in a different setting and new era, St Francis Bay Eastern Cape, opening December 2021. It will be a fine dining tasting menu only restaurant that will open from December to April each year offering a selection of tasting menus changing daily. In its new luxury purpose built setting it promises to offer a unique dining experience for the discerning food and wine lover.

Peacock Alley will be supported with its own 30 hectare farm and raise its own beef, lamb, poultry and game, with its own organic vegetable, exotic herb garden and using the finest food products available in South Africa the menu will be unique, original and well balanced. All of the dishes of season 1 will be featured in the new Peacock Alley cookbook. With approx 11,000 bottles of wine from some of the countries most exclusive wine farms, one of the countries best wines lists will be on show. We will also be offering accommodation in a country house setting for up to 18 guests.


Room for Pudding – still maintains that you should expect the unexpected. We don’t provoke for provocation’s sake, but try our best to satisfy you with a dizzying array of tastes, temperatures, textures, tipples and tunes.

Our restaurant is centered around an oval dessert bar where our pastry chefs prepare and plate artistic bespoke desserts, while customers sit around enjoying wines and cocktails. The guests get to interact with the pastry chefs while they create their magical puddings.

Our pudding menu consists of 22 desserts with daily changes. We focus on seasonal cocktails that pair with many of the puddings.

Our wine list serves to match both cheese selections, puddings and desserts. We offer an interactive, casual and friendly service to customers that want to pop in for dessert and drinks after having dinner elsewhere or for guests who want to have a cheese and full dessert experience.

The food is served by our chefs, drinks are directly from our mixologists and the bills are settled directly with our hostess.


Build Your Own Burger offers customers a unique burger experience through the ability to build your burger your way. Starting with a selection of burger buns ranging from potato bread, brioche or whole wheat. Meat choices range from black Angus, Wagyu beef or Kobe beef, ostrich is our house favourite as well as our crispy chicken. A very unique vegan patty is also available, all our burger buns are made in house daily and all our Angus meats are 100% organic. Grass-fed and freshly ground daily, once your meat and bun are chosen we offer a range of 30 artisan cheeses which arrives melted over your meat.

Guests can then choose a range of toppings such as guacamole, pickled onions, grilled tomatoes, hummus, rocket and watercress, to name a few. Burgers are then finished with any of our 12 unique sauces on offer from our east or west coast sauces which is our most popular, to Hoisin mayo, truffle aioli, smokey barbecue béarnaise and many more. Choose your side order from our hand-cut skinny or fat fries, jumbo onion rings, sweet potato fries or spiced mashed potatoes our house favourites.

We also offer a range of burger specials which include the 1kg burger and the triple-decker crazy burger. We also offer some burger combo feasts which is perfectly suited when eating as a small group.

Our shared tapas offered include cheese bombs, sticky maple shrimp ranch dressing, popcorn shrimp dynamite dressing, spicy chicken wings, blue cheese dressing and our corn on the cob with smoked chilli butter.

To end the burger experience we offer a selection of ice cream Sundays, milkshakes with a range of toppings and sauces.

We offer a pick-up service, delivery service as well as 18 seats inside the store. Our delivery service is done by highly branded scooters by our in-house drivers.



A gastronomic delight, where food shopping traditions become a journey of adventure and delight. On your walk through the food emporium, you will meet the greengrocer and select fruits, vegetables and herbs, as the grocer gives you thorough insight into all the fresh produce. All vegetables are presented in old wooden boxes with all the freshness and quality. Grade A produce at it’s finest, away from bland meat and poultry in supermarkets. Here you meet artisan butchers, who help you select your perfect meat. The butchers tell you about the origin of the meat with certainty, its age and the most natural method of slaughtering. Aged meat refrigerators allow the meat to hang and mature, making this a butcher shop of note where each piece of meat is carefully selected before being prepared to the highest quality. Spend an hour shopping here and experience the soundtrack of pumped music, dim lighting and a concierge assigned to whizz you around the shop when you enter and as you enjoy sampling bread from the bakery, meat from the butcher or the cheese from the large cheese counter.

You will have the luxury to buy artisan pizzas, all kinds of pasta and pasta sauces from the Italian kitchen. Asian kitchens will allow guests to take sushis or small ready-to-eat platters, duck-filled spring rolls, Asian tapas, a variety of dipping sauces, ramen and noodles. Our artisan bakery will offer thirty types of bread, and the breakfast counter will serve the finest Italian coffee, pain aux chocolates, quiches and a whole host of other dishes. Michelin quality desserts and cakes with a French touch, such as cream brûlée and lemon tart and home-made ice cream and macaroons will be served at the confectionery. Our fishmonger will assist you with your fish and shellfish choice, debone and deshell it for you so that you can just enjoy the fun part of cooking. This food emporium will take you back to an era before the modern supermarket, where you just grab and go. This will be a tranquil farmer’s market meets artisan experience, a place where the whole family can tag along.

Take a break while shopping and enjoy a coffee or wine tasting of the many samples on offer throughout the store. You can also grab a cookbook from our ‘Books for Cooks’ section and pick out a few recipes for dinner, or visit our ‘Chefs Playground’ where you can pick up one of our favourite chopping blocks, pots, pans, cooking utensils and chef knives.